About the Clinical Yarning eLearning Program

Effective communication between clinicians and patients is the foundation to high quality health care.

Unfortunately ineffective communication is common, even more so when there are cultural and language differences between clinicians and patients.

The Clinical Yarning eLearning program was developed as a resource to improve the effectiveness of communication of all health care clinicians who work with Aboriginal patients.

The eLearning program should be accompanied by face-to-face training involving practising communication skills. The opportunity to practice, reflect, rehearse and repeat the skills, in a safe learning environment (e.g. simulation), is essential to improving communication with patients.

Clinical Yarning is one aspect to improving the quality and cultural security of care for Aboriginal patients and their families.

The program was funded by the University of Western Australia, the Western Australia Primary Health Alliance, and the WA Country Health Service.

The Clinical Yarning eLearning program was developed using the principles of cultural security and we acknowledge the team of people and organisations involved.