Effective communication between clinicians and patients is the foundation to high quality health care.

Unfortunately ineffective communication is common, even more so when there are cultural and language differences between clinicians and patients.

Clinical Yarning is a framework that provides clinicians with some skills and tools to enhance clinical communication with Aboriginal patients. It is based on the research yarning framework developed by Professor Dawn Bessarab.

The framework was developed in 2016 by staff of the Western Australian Centre for Rural Health and University of Western Australia. Since then, we have worked in partnership with community members in Western Australia, and Queensland, and organisations including the Western Australian Primary Health Alliance, WA Country Health Services, Curtin University, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Queensland Health, the University of Queensland, and Queensland University of Technology.

For further information about Clinical Yarning, please visit the resources page or view our Clinical Yarning eLearning program.


For research publications about Clinical Yarning using the search tool from the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet please click here

ELearning program

Welcome to the Clinical Yarning eLearning program. This program is an introduction to Clinical Yarning and should be accompanied by local, face-to-face cultural education, and practice/feedback of Clinical Yarning communication skills.

The program was funded by the University of Western Australia, the Western Australia Primary Health Alliance, and the WA Country Health Service. We thank and acknowledge the many people and organisations who contributed.

To access the Clinical Yarning eLearning program please click here.


We acknowledge the many contributors to the Clinical Yarning eLearning program:

Geraldton: Kelvin Farrell, Lennelle Papertalk, William Thorne, Marilyn Papertalk, Pauline Bell, Jack Capewell, Cassandra Comeagain, James Brockman, Violet Evans, Michael Gibberd, Leslie Comeagain, Celesty Comeagain, Gordon Clinch, Jessica Gallagher, Emma Taylor, Samantha Bentink, Monica Moran, Annie Lamberto, Yvette Tshuma, Belinda Goodale
Mount Magnet: Ronald Simpson, George J Simpson, Rohan Carter
Perth: Ted Dowling, Liesl Baxter, Amanda Sibosado, Priscilla Moody, Kim Smith, Kevin Taylor, Alexandra Balzarelli
Bunbury: Michelle Munns, David Dann, Jasmine Wright, Charmaine Councillor, Troy Albert, Melba Wallam, Sharon Cook

Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service, Geraldton and Mount Magnet, Western Australia
South West Aboriginal Medical Service, Bunbury, Western Australia
WA Country Health Service – Midwest, Geraldton and Meekatharra, Western Australia
WA Country Health Service – South West, Bunbury, Western Australia
Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation, Bunbury, Western Australia

Core project team: Ivan Lin, Wanda Flanagan, Charmaine Green, Dawn Bessarab
Expert advisory group: Jonathan Silverman, Paul Kinnersley, Juli Coffin, Anne Lowell, Elaine Maypilama, Kellie Bennett
Western Australian Country Health Service advisory group: Michelle Munns, Rani Randall, Angus Smith, Lee-Anne Woods, Josephine Gray, Garry Taylor, Suzanne Spitz

Videography: Luke Griffiths (Man with Rock productions)
Program reviewers: Liberty Cramer, Lucia Ravi



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