Clinical Yarning Education - Draft Program - Still under development

The Clinical Yarning Education Project is an initiative of the Western Australian Centre for Rural Health at The University of Western Australia.
It offers an online learning platform designed to develop the cross-cultural communication skills of health professionals and health sciences students for the delivery of better outcomes in remote and regional Aboriginal communities.

Introduction to Clinical Yarning eLearning Program by Professor Dawn Bessarab

Welcome to Clinical Yarning

This course is designed to help practitioners develop effective communication skills through the process of yarning.

Watch the short video below to help you navigate the Clinical Yarning eLearning program.

There are four modules, each with a series of topics, activities and quizzes.

A number of icons have been used to indicate various activities:

A discussion point or information to be shared.


A viewing exercise such as a video or a reading activity.


A learning journal entry. You will use the TAKE NOTES tab in the bottom right hand corner every time you are required to make a journal entry.


A listening exercise.


A weblink.


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